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lieve and Kristie Reena
Ragna, our friend-sister-teacher-cat for 19 years, passed over yesterday, January 3, 2008
ONLINE photo exhibition

hoe kan je dan zwijgen...hoe kan je dan zwijgen...
how can you be silent then...
this also is a traveling exhibition, contact me if you want to book it

photo exhibition
We are the Fire of Time"We are the Fire of Time" impressies van vrouwen in India
this also is a traveling exhibition, contact me if you want to book it
7 hoofdzonden7 hoofdzonden/deadly sins/péchés capitaux
this also is a traveling exhibition, contact me if you want to book it

photo reports

foto verslagen

Zr Jeanne Devos

Jeanne Devos Ereburger / citizen of Honour van /from Leuven

FOR PEACE AND JUSTICEfor peace and justicemore actions

"For Peace and Justice"

India 2009

India 2009

Corinne KumarIndian Court of Women on Dowry and Related Formes of Violence

celebrating women's voices of resistance and hopecelebrating Women's Voices of Resistance and Hope Worldwide

in special the
World Court of Women

- New Women's Movement: womens demonstration against domectic violence and rape of women ik Kalk Fontein, Kuilsriver, Cape Town, South Africa
- Women's Peace Parade (WereldVrouwenMars - Women's World March) Ieper, okt. 2007
- VrouwenConf. Vrouwenkracht = Vredesmacht/Women's Strenght = Peace Power okt. 2007
- international WiB Conerence in Valencia, Spain, August 2007




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- “Only after the rain, the rain falls under the high trees / Pas na de regen, regent het onder de hoge bomen
- “The water conjures clouds on the streets / Het water tovert wolken op de wegen
- Queer Arts Festival San Francsco 2001: Lesbian ConneXion/s
- Queer Arts Festival San Francsco 2005: War

Lesbian ConneXion/s Reader

- Lesbische geschiedenis en zichtbaarheid in de fotografie en beeldende kunst in België

- Lesbian history and lesbian visibility in photography and the visual  arts in Belgium
designer and webmistress of
Vrouwen in 't Zwart Leuvennederlands
Women in Black Leuven
cover and text design CD
CD ASWAT-Stemmen-Voices

english Stemmen-Aswat-Voices
nederlands Stemmen-Aswat-Voices

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