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No to Nato

Marianne Van de Goorberg
Women's Human Rights March in Palestine-Israel in Jaruary 2004
Lieve Snellings

stop selling arms to dictators instead of bombing their countries / Las Mujeres de Negro de Lovaina no pueden apoyar las intervenciones militares como una solución a los conflictos

Meet Lieve Snellings, a Belgian finalist of the Democracy Photo Challenge

nomination text Felipa Award 2006 for Rauda Morcos

introduction film "Song of Silence" in San Francisco

Women's Convoy to Tuzla (Bosnia) in November 1994
In solidarity with the worldwide victims of violence opinion article after September 11, 2001
NO war with Iraq - one of the endspeeches of a national manifestation in Brussels, 2002
Sandy Butler
The Heart of The Matter/ Le cœur de la question
Alice Walker
recently I wrote a letter
Cynthia Cockburn
a profile of WiB Belgium
Corinne Kumar
World Court of Women Against War and For Peace
From a corner on the Arab street
Towards A New Political Imaginary
Lepa Mladjenovic
Notes of a Feminist Lesbian During Wartime
Lepa Mladjenovic and Stasa Zajovic
Women in Black ethical principles and peace policy
Women Against War in the Middle East
updating "Women Against War" in the Middle East

klik hier voor meer informatieFrom Where We Stand
War, Women’s Activism and Feminist Analysis / Oorlog, Vrouwen activisme en Feministische analyses
Cynthia Cockburn

"  ..... despite women’s varied positionalities and perspectives on war, a coherent feminism emerges in this transnational campaigning, and it suggests to both theory and activism a radical analytical shift: we cannot understand war, nor can we effectively campaign against it, without reference to gender power and gendered violence". 

Cynthia Cockburn is Gast Professor aan het Department van Sociologieaan de City University (London) en actief in het internationale feministische anti-militaristische network Women in Black / Vrouwen in 't Zwart


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